Put this white button on your desk and kiss distractions goodbye

It is also mandatory to fulfill the requirement for the enrollment with the Betin community. It is the one in which the users can win a fortune of money by betting ver different games or sports in the real world.

Embracing hardware

It has been about three years from now that the Betin APK is available in the market. For all this time, the app has gained immense popularity in other parts of the world as it has international standards and rules too associated with it. The application is not available on the Play Store app market and hence we will have to make use of other resources. So, to get started, you need to understand some requirements of the application APK file.

They are as follows;. To get the Betin App Download, you need to follow the steps as they are here;. The Betin APK setup process ends here and you can easily access the application now. It is also mandatory to fulfill the requirement for the enrollment with the Betin community.

This means that you need to be eligible to participate in such betting associations. Within the Saent application, a user sets their desired work window — be it 15 minutes or 50 — and then with a bang or remorseful tap of the Saent button, anything unrelated to work vanishes into a digital ether.

The company has opened up Saent for 3rd-party developers who can use the device to, for example, quick-launch Slack with a swipe to the left or open a new email draft with a pull down. At first glance, the Saent button is not necessarily vital to the overall functioning of the service — after all, the actual blocking and rewarding is all done within the software. Try for a complete Facebook detox tomorrow.

As is, the software still offers more options than you might expect. Users are given graded reports about their productivity, challenges to strive for, and can even check a leaderboard to see who among their Saent-using friends are the most productive.

To maintain the faith of their funders, the Saent crew wrote the Medium post linked above, and also launched a status page to include regular updates. While the Hong Kong-based startup is neutralizing the final risks before shipping its devices out, it is also eyeing future investment and expansion.

In addition, only a section of the message is revealed at a time, the sender's name is never visible from the message view and if a screenshot is attempted, the recipient is ejected from the message and the sender alerted. With the philosophy of living "life in the moment," Sobrr lets you message and post to group chats with all content automatically expiring after 24 hours. Although it doesn't offer screenshot protection, Sobrr promises to "make sure there is no evidence of your craziness" as individual messages and photos can be viewed only once.

One unique angle of Sobrr is that "friendships" also only last 24 hours, unless both sides choose to keep each other in their "Crew. Currently handling billions of messages in almost every country in the world, Wickr claims to be used by "world leaders, executives, journalists, human rights activists, celebrities and your closest friends. It offers end-to-end encryption for text, photos, picture and voice messages — all with a configurable time to set the content to expire.

Meanwhile the "Shredder" functionality irreversibly removes all deleted messages and media from your iPhone. You can group chat with up to 10 others from your private address book.

On the light-hearted side of things, there are stickers, graffiti and photo filters.