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He was selected along with around a dozen other freshmen for a cadet glider program, and by the end of that year, he was an instructor pilot. Sullenberger was employed by US Airways and its predecessor airlines from until He holds an Airline Transport Pilot Certificate for single and multi-engine airplanes, and a Commercial Pilot Certificate rating in gliders , as well as a flight instructor certificate for airplanes single, multi-engine, and instrument , and gliders.

SRM , a firm providing strategic and tactical guidance to enhance organizational safety, performance, and reliability. Working with NASA scientists, he coauthored a paper on error-inducing contexts in aviation. Sullenberger was active with his union , serving as chairman of a safety committee within the Air Line Pilots Association.

He was a featured speaker for two panels: All people on board survived and were rescued by nearby boats. We were a team. But to have zero thrust coming out of those engines was shocking—the silence. Sullenberger, described by friends as "shy and reticent," [34] was noted for his poise and calm during the crisis; New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg dubbed him "Captain Cool".

And on January 15, the balance was sufficient so that I could make a very large withdrawal. The National Transportation Safety Board ruled that Sullenberger made the correct decision in landing on the river instead of attempting a return to LaGuardia [39] because the normal procedures for engine loss are designed for cruising altitudes, not immediately after takeoff. Simulations performed at the Airbus Training Centre Europe in Toulouse showed that Flight could have made it back to LaGuardia had that manoeuvre begun immediately after the bird strike.

However, such scenarios both neglected the time necessary for the pilots to understand and assess the situation, and risked the possibility of a crash within a densely populated area. Bush called Sullenberger to thank him for saving the lives of the passengers, [42] as did President-elect Barack Obama , [43] who also invited him and the crew to join the presidential inauguration ceremony.

Sullenberger attended the presidential inauguration on January 20, , where he and his wife met President Obama. A library book, Just Culture: Balancing Safety and Accountability was in Sullenberger's luggage left behind in the cockpit.

When Sullenberger notified the library that the water-damaged book had been recovered, it made a point of waiving any late fees. His Giants jersey was inscribed with the name "Sully" and the number —a reference to the people aboard the plane.

On June 6, , Sullenberger returned to his childhood hometown of Denison, Texas, to participate in the town's D-Day celebration, and to give the commencement address for his alma mater, Denison High School , marking the 40th anniversary of his own graduation from the school. Sullenberger also made an appearance in St. On February 24, , Sullenberger testified before the U. Their salaries are so low that people with greater experience will not take those jobs.

We have some carriers that have hired some pilots with only a few hundred hours of experience. After 30 years with US Airways and its predecessor, Sullenberger retired in In , as part of a fundraising effort, Sullenberger flew to the Carolinas Aviation Museum in Charlotte, North Carolina , where the aircraft he landed on the Hudson River is on exhibit.

My Search for What Really Matters. In the book, Sullenberger also discusses personal matters including his father's suicide in , the Sullenbergers' struggle with infertility, and their decision to adopt. Sullenberger's second book, Making a Difference: Sullenberger is married to fitness instructor Lorraine "Lorrie" Sullenberger, [31] with whom he adopted [69] two daughters, [18] Kate and Kelly.

On December 7, , Sullenberger's father committed suicide by gunshot shortly after being released from the hospital for major surgery. He had been suffering from depression in the face of a long and difficult convalescence ahead of him. He left no note. In October , it was reported that the Republican Party had approached Sullenberger about running against Democratic U. Representative Jerry McNerney of California's 11th congressional district in the elections. Sullenberger's publicist said that Sullenberger had no desire to run for any public office.

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