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Holiday information Our holiday experts are here to assist you with your holiday planning. Peel the apples , cut into slices and quickly sprinkle with lemon juice. Tafeln in Weinberg bei Falkenstein.

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That shows just how famous the Viennese Apfelstrudel has become. However, the long journey was worth it! Prepare the dough yourself, or have the shop-bought dough to hand. Steep the raisins in the rum and leave to soak. To prepare the nutty breadcrumbs, heat the butter in a pan until it bubbles up.

Add the breadcrumbs and fry slowly over a moderate heat until golden brown. Towards the end, stir in the grated nuts , cook through quickly and remove from the heat. Peel the apples , cut into slices and quickly sprinkle with lemon juice. Then, depending on the acidity of the apples, add a suitable amount of sugar and powdered cloves , and mix in a generous pinch of cinnamon. Ideally, prepare the strudel dough in such a way that the strudel ends up laid onto a sheet of baking paper.

Distribute the nutty breadcrumbs over around half of the dough. Scatter the apples and raisins over it. Coat the remaining surface of the dough generously with melted butter, fold in the edges at the sides and roll up the strudel. Seal the ends well and lift the strudel into the baking tin using the baking paper if using puff pastry, apply the apple filling in the centre, fold up the sides and edges towards the middle and press the sealing edges together firmly.

Depending on the dough, coat with melted butter for strudel dough or egg puff pastry and bake for 40 — 50 minutes until golden brown bake puff pastry for slightly less time. Remove the finished strudel, leave to cool down and sprinkle with icing sugar. Thank you for signing up! We look forward to sending you the latest news and recommendations for your perfect holidays in Austria.

Our holiday experts are here to assist you with your holiday planning. Give us a call from 8am to noon or drop us an email and we'll be happy to answer your questions. Share feedback about holidays in Austria for a chance to win! Take the survey here. Born Iris Barrel in Astoria, Queens , New York , Apfel is the only child of Samuel Barrel, whose family owned a glass-and-mirror business, and his Russian-born wife, Sadye, who owned a fashion boutique.

She studied art history at New York University and attended art school at the University of Wisconsin. She also was an assistant to illustrator Robert Goodman.

From to , Iris Apfel took part in several design restoration projects, including work at the White House for nine presidents: Through their business, the couple began traveling all over the world where she began buying pieces of non-Western, artisanal clothes. She wore these clothes to clients' high-society parties. In , she performed in a television commercial for the French car DS 3 , [6] and was the face of Australian brand Blue Illusion.

The Irreverent Iris Apfel. At age 90 in , Apfel was a visiting professor at University of Texas at Austin. Apfel consults and lectures about style and other fashion topics.

In , she was listed as one of the fifty "Best-Dressed over 50" by The Guardian. Apfel is the star of a documentary by Albert Maysles , called Iris.

Apfel's husband of 67 years, Carl Apfel, died on August 1, From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.