Investment Banking vs. Private Equity

Investment Banking vs Asset Management – The very basis of investment banking as well as asset management lies in handling money. Many students find it challenging to make a career choice between the two, owing to the competitive salary packages both of them offer.

Similarly, corporations seeking to expand their reach may utilize an investment banker to negotiate the terms of a merger or acquisition. It also has the authority to create committees that delegate specific management functions. A View from the Top. Please click the verification link in your email to activate your newsletter subscription Click here to manage your subscriptions. In banking, it was usually about getting the same things done in a short amount of time - we always felt very rushed.

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Investment Banking vs Asset Management – The very basis of investment banking as well as asset management lies in handling money. Many students find it challenging to make a career choice between the two, owing to the competitive salary packages both of them offer.

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Schwellenländer holen auf Die Schwellenländer werden für fast ein Drittel des weltweiten Vermögenswachstums verantwortlich sein. Wie Daten das Gesundheitswesen transformieren Gesundheitstechnologie wird unseren Ansatz im Bereich der Gesundheitsversorgung verändern. Grosse Hoffnungen, grosse Ängste. The investment banking division of the bank also finds clients for the public issue be it mutual funds, insurance companies or pension funds.

It also assists in mergers and acquisitions by providing all kinds of additional services to its clients including securities research , market making and trading of equities, derivatives, fixed income securities, commodities and currencies. It involves managing money and handling investments of clients. Different clients have different requirements, a good asset manager looks into the particular needs of his clients and recommends investment products, based on the asset allocation of the client.

It is an exhaustive field that involves planning, recommending, and reviewing the investments of the clients be it individuals or companies. Handling money is a tricky job that requires you to be on your toes always. The basic aim of any asset manager is to invest the money at avenues with minimum risk and maximum returns.

Asset management firms also referred to as investment management firms, employ professionals who have analytical skills and are able to assess which investment products will be beneficial for their clients so as to achieve the desired financial objective within specified guidelines.

Asset managers recommend various products and vehicles of investment after doing due diligence and assessing the risk appetite of their clients, understanding their financial goals and the amount of returns they expect keeping the risk in mind. Their aim is to maximize the returns and ensure that the financial objective set by the clients is achieved. Asset management firms hire the best talent from the top universities of the world, there are certain prerequisites that are needed for hiring, which would be a degree in Finance primarily a CFA Chartered Financial Analyst or an MBA Masters of Business Administration in Finance.

Though these degrees are not required for entry level jobs but as you work up the corporate ladder in an asset management firm these degrees are very beneficial. The job options in an asset management firm are galore. You could be employed as a Relationship Manager, Sales Manager, Portfolio Manager or Financial advisor all of which are extensive client interactive profiles. The education as well as skills required for both the fields are the same.

Firms look for candidates who have a flair for numbers and have knowledge in business disciplines be it finance, economics, accounting and investment analysis. Candidates seeking to make a career in investment banking or asset management should be ready for enormously tough competition from graduates from top business schools and universities. A degree in MBA along with relevant work experience is a prerequisite for an entry level position in the firm.

Hence networking plays a major role in breaking through large corporate players, having the right contacts help giving you an advantage amongst others.

Since the competition is really stiff most firms also consider internships as an extended application process to skim through the right candidates. The job prospects and occupational outlook for investment banking as well as asset management has always been positive. More investment opportunities are available with the emerging markets, resulting in the innovation of newer and more complex financial products, making the investment portfolios much more multi-faceted than what they used to be earlier.

Though, both the industries, investment banking as well as asset management have upward trend and great career prospects it is generally believed that the asset management jobs would experience more growth than the investment banking jobs since there is a lot to be explored in the new and emerging markets which have opened the doors for investment management jobs, but there are some who still believe that asset management industry is not treated at par with the investment banking industry. Investment banking as well as asset management companies are some of the top most paying companies of the world.

Undoubtedly, the careers of investment banking and asset management are some of the most top paid careers in the world. Their salaries and bonuses are so lucrative that it pulls graduates into these industries. As per the U. This figure itself indicates the huge salary gap that exists between the finance industry and all other occupations which also indicate the amount of workload such professionals have to undertake.

Senior level investment jobs are concentrated in the three financial hubs of London, Tokyo and New York.