Diane Keaton’s Yellow House in the Movie “Baby Boom”

Yanicke Forfang tracked down the location of the house outside Peru and found this aerial view: Retrieved March 7, Thanks for the suggestion! I remember loving this house when I saw this movie the first time. Can you post it, Julia?

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Login with your social network: Create Account Learn More. To resend the verification email, please enter your email address and click Submit. Charles Shyer and Nancy Meyers, filmmaking partners and husband and wife at the time, shared writing responsibilities with Shyer doubling as the film's director and Meyers moonlighting as the producer.

The two had honed their craft on such films as Private Benjamin and Irreconcilable Differences Drawing on such film inspirations as Woman of the Year and Bachelor Mother , starring Ginger Rogers, Meyers explained that, "Our movie is about someone who never planned on motherhood.

The comedy comes from J. Ten years ago, Baby Boom would have probably starred a man, because not until recently, with the great female drive toward careerism and success, would it be believable that a woman could be so ill-prepared for motherhood. Eventually she quits her job and moves out to the Vermont countryside. There, a love interest in the form of Sam Shepard appears - and ultimately Keaton must make a decision between work, home, or finding something in between.

Keaton's performance garnered rave reviews, with critics hailing her comic performance as successful as her Oscar-winning role in Annie Hall Purchasing the home without first having seen it in person or having it inspected she finds it is riddled with problems failing plumbing and heating, lack of water, bad roof. Suffering a nervous breakdown and on the brink of financial collapse , she sees an opportunity to sell baby food applesauce she had concocted for Elizabeth from fresh ingredients.

Amid the clamor for her new products she develops a relationship with local veterinarian Jeff Cooper Sam Shepard. At first annoyed by him, she is opposed to Jeff's overtures and is focused now on returning to New York as fast as possible. Finding a buyer for the house proves almost impossible as it was for sale for 5 years and she was the only interested buyer.

After a rough start she succeeds in selling "Country Baby", her gourmet baby food, and soon business is booming. Orders for it start pouring in from all over America. Finally, her old boss Fritz and his client, Larrabee take notice. The Food Chain offers to buy her company for millions, take her product nationwide, and give her back her career and high-prestige life. On the brink of accepting, she decides that she can grow her enterprise on her own without having to sacrifice her personal life.

She returns to Vermont, to her new lover and adopted daughter. Filming took place between November 5, and February 3, Baby Boom was favorably received by audiences and critics alike.

Diane Keaton's performance was singled out by Pauline Kael from The New Yorker , who described it as "a glorious comedy performance that rides over many of the inanities in this picture Baby Boom 's writers combat a one-dimensional review in which American journalist, writer, and university professor Caryn James expresses her distaste in J. According to its writers, Baby Boom depicts "the increasing prejudice women face today" stereotyped into two categories - the sweet caregiver or the self-reliant businesswoman - and aims to destroy that outdated mindset.

The film debuted strongly on VHS. Edit Read in another language Baby Boom film. Baby Boom Theatrical release poster.

Nancy Meyers Bruce A. Diane Keaton as J. Wiatt [5] Sam Shepard as Dr. Critical response Edit Baby Boom was favorably received by audiences and critics alike.