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Way back in a scientist by the name of Alfred Wegener came up with a crazy idea. He noticed that all of the continents seemed to fit together like the pieces of a giant puzzle.

These Democratic House freshmen might single handedly get Trump reelected. This article possibly contains original research.

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There are a number of websites devoted to listing people as cranks. Community-edited websites like Wikipedia have been described as vulnerable to cranks. Online communication can wonderfully liberate the tender soul of some well-meaning personage who, for whatever reason, is physically uncharismatic.

Unfortunately, online communication also fertilizes the eccentricities of hopeless cranks, who at last find themselves in firm possession of a wondrous soapbox that the Trilateral Commission and the Men In Black had previously denied them. There are also newsgroups which are nominally devoted to discussing alt. The term crank magnetism was coined by physiologist and blogger Mark Hoofnagle on the Denialism Blog in to describe the propensity of cranks to hold multiple irrational, unsupported or ludicrous beliefs that are often unrelated to one another, referring to his claims that William Dembski endorses both a Holocaust denier and a conspiracy theory put forward by Peter Duesberg.

Thus, some of the common crank characteristics — such as the lack of technical ability, ignorance of scientific terminology, and claims that alternative ideas are being suppressed by the mainstream — may be operating on and manifested in multiple orthogonal assertions. Hoofnagle 's fellow blogger Orac has discussed crank magnetism in relation to the writings of British columnist Melanie Phillips , whom he alleges denies anthropogenic global warming while promoting intelligent design and the discredited view that the MMR vaccine causes autism in children.

Although nearly all domain experts agree that human CO2 emissions are altering the world's climate, segments of the public remain unconvinced by the scientific evidence. Internet blogs have become a vocal platform for climate denial, and bloggers have taken a prominent and influential role in questioning climate science.

Paralleling previous work, we find that endorsement of a laissez-faire conception of free-market economics predicts rejection of climate science r '. Endorsement of the free market also predicted the rejection of other established scientific findings, such as the facts that HIV causes AIDS and that smoking causes lung cancer. We additionally show that endorsement of a cluster of conspiracy theories e. This provides empirical confirmation of previous suggestions that conspiracist ideation contributes to the rejection of science.

Acceptance of science, by contrast, was strongly associated with the perception of a consensus among scientists. Another study titled Dead and Alive: Beliefs in Contradictory Conspiracy Theories managed to show that, not only will cranks be attracted to and believe in numerous conspiracy theories all at once, but will continue to do so even if the theories in question are completely and utterly incompatible with one another.

Studies such as Belief in Conspiracy Theories state that conspiracy theories relating to the assassination of JFK , the moon landing and the September 11th attacks are united by a common thread: This leads the believer to attach other conspiracies as well.

Someone with a distrust of the government will likely reject any and all stories or reports directly issued by state agencies or other authorities that are seen as part of the establishment.

Thus, any conspiracy will seem more plausible to the conspiracy theorist because this fits with their worldview. In academic sociology , a similar notion to crank magnetism exists, namely Colin Campbell's concept of the cultic milieu , which he used:.

He described it as including "the worlds of the occult and the magical, of spiritualism and psychic phenomena, of mysticism and new thought, of alien intelligences and lost civilizations, of faith healing and nature cure" Campbell What unifies these diverse elements, apart from a consciousness of their deviant status and an ensuing sense of common cause, is an overlapping communication structure of magazines, pamphlets, lectures, and informal meetings, together with the common ideology of seekership.

He traces, over the years, the gradual synthesis as ideas from one milieu start to invade another until both communities routinely refer to both, Area 51 and black helicopters as part of the same conspiracy canon, for example.

He describes the process as Improvisational Millennialism , where people select from existing conspiracy theories to invent their own synthesis. But largely posits that the synthesis as driven by the theories sharing the same transmission channels. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article has multiple issues. Please help improve it or discuss these issues on the talk page. Listen to Rael as he describes in detail what he lived that day. During his extraterrestrial encounters, Rael received a series of messages that touch on all aspects of human life.

This video summarizes some of the main points conveyed to Rael. There are currently no English online events scheduled. Please try another language. For events in your local area, select a country: Intelligent Design - Message from the Designers. Years ago, everybody knew that the earth was flat, everybody knew that the sun revolved around the earth, and today everybody knows that life on earth is either the result of random evolution or the work of a supernatural God.

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