6.1.10 Overview of Customization

The pie command allows you to easily create pie charts. I want to plot a surface that covers all these points. Viewed from above, it just looks like a square with a slight fold in it.

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See the tutorial at Writing mathematical expressions. Matplotlib supports external TeX rendering of strings with the usetex option. You can embed matplotlib into pygtk, wx, Tk, or Qt applications. Here is a screenshot of an EEG viewer called pbrain. The lower axes uses specgram to plot the spectrogram of one of the EEG channels. This Page Show Source. Source code png , pdf. For examples of how to embed matplotlib in different toolkits, see: Last updated on May 10, Created using Sphinx 1.

The mplot3d toolkit see mplot3d tutorial and mplot3d Examples has support for simple 3d graphs including surface, wireframe, scatter, and bar charts. This toolkit is included with all standard matplotlib installs. The streamplot function plots the streamlines of a vector field. This feature complements the quiver function for plotting vector fields. Thanks to Tom Flannaghan and Tony Yu for adding the streamplot function.

In support of the Phoenix mission to Mars which used matplotlib to display ground tracking of spacecraft , Michael Droettboom built on work by Charlie Moad to provide an extremely accurate 8-spline approximation to elliptical arcs see Arc , which are insensitive to zoom level. Bar charts are simple to create using the bar command, which includes customizations such as error bars:.

The pie command allows you to easily create pie charts. Optional features include auto-labeling the percentage of area, exploding one or more wedges from the center of the pie, and a shadow effect. Take a close look at the attached code, which generates this figure in just a few lines of code. If those answers do not fully address your question, please ask a new question. You should learn a bit of the OO interface to matplotlib, not just the state machine interface.

Almost all of the plt. Once you have a reference to the axes object you can plot directly to it, change its limits, etc. How to set xlim and ylim for a subplot in matplotlib [duplicate] Ask Question.

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