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Webber Naturals PGX Daily Ultra Matrix Softgels is a unique highly soluble polysaccharide (fibre) blend that helps promote healthy blood sugar levels and supports weight management, safely and easily.3/5(43).

Amounts shown in italicized text are for items listed in currency other than Canadian dollars and are approximate conversions to Canadian dollars based upon Bloomberg's conversion rates. This is from where we extract glucomannan , a sugar. PGX can be purchased using their Official Site. Other side effects you may experience while using PGX include stomach cramps and low blood sugar. PGX is made by a reputable company Webber.

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webber naturals® PGX® Daily - 2 x Softgels Reduces food cravings by promoting a feeling of fullness Helps lower the glycemic index of meals Promotes healthy blood sugar levels Helps reduce elevated total and LDL cholesterol levelsNPN /5(11).

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All our own products are made with premium ingredients supported by science and formulated in the United States in GMP-certified facilities. The supplement supposedly promotes satiety or a feeling of fullness. Studies show a Western diet lacks fiber and each serving of PGX is about 2. According to the Institue of Medicine, women need 25 grams of fiber per day, while men need 38 grams.

So, our team wanted to bridge the gap between the recommended dosage from the company and the dosage recommended by research. First, we turned our attention to the benefit of the ingredients and relevant studies supporting the claims.

Then, we compiled our data to give you the bottom line. PGX can be purchased through their Official Site. By now, you must have a lot of questions about this supplement.

It contains a combination of carbohydrate polysaccharides with a high viscosity that, when taken with or after meals, make the stomach expand in volume, creating a feeling of fullness and satisfaction. This means the supplement can absorb a lot of water, which may help suppress appetite. Food digestion then slows down and the sugar levels in the bloodstream go down, which they claim helps control appetite. Once the stomach sends this message to the brain, the brain communicates to the rest of the body to stop feeling hungry, even though you consumed only a small amount of food.

This is how much it costs to start on the respective program. We always recommend trying a product before making a large investment.

PGX and other similar products are inventions of a company based in Canada called Inovo Biologic, which has been its leading supplier since However, a company called Natural Factors trademarks and has patented the supplement. This company helps distribute the supplement worldwide.

It is derived from plants and we make it by fermenting glucose, sucrose, and lactose. We do this with the bacteria Xanthomonas campestris, hence its name, states Dr Axe. Xanthan gum has high water absorption abilities, which adds to the general viscosity of PGX. However, when high amounts of xanthan are consumed, it may cause diarrhea, stomach bloating, and indigestion, says WebMD. Sodium alginate is also a thickening agent derived from brown seaweed.

It can help lower cholesterol levels. It is also an emulsifier and a gelling agent that, like its counterpart, we use in the food industry. In relation to PGX and its function as a weight loss supplement, sodium alginate may help reduce gastric emptying and nutrient absorption. This may allow for appetite suppression. The third and last ingredient in PGX is konjac mannan.

This is a wild plant that is native to Japan and China that people use for its thickening properties and medicinal value. PGX, however, uses the root of this plant. This is from where we extract glucomannan , a sugar. This sugar allegedly has some health benefits, including the reduction of cholesterol levels, prevention of diabetes, and easing of constipation, according to WebMD. It is best to take a lot of fluids while consuming konjac and glucomannan to limit the possibility of side effects.

They are allegedly capable of reducing body fat while not affecting lean muscle mass levels. As the old saying goes, there are always two sides to a coin. Even with all the benefits, PGX has its downside. Other side effects you may experience while using PGX include stomach cramps and low blood sugar. The manufacturers of PGX have advised their patients to always drink large amounts of water and other liquids when taking their dosages. PGX Daily claims to be an effective and healthy way of losing weight, but is it really beneficial or is it another scam by the pharmaceutical industry to con people of their money?

We already know that PGX contains a viscous fiber, which may allow it to absorb water and suppress appetite. PGX claims this effect should last the whole day, meaning the user will have a reduced food intake. This, they say, will almost automatically lead to weight loss. Apart from potential appetite suppression and weight loss, what does PGX Daily do for you? Earlier we found out that one of the ingredients in PGX, konjac mannan, is used to keep cholesterol in check and lower blood sugar levels.

Because PGX reduces food intake and demands loads of water consumption, blood sugar levels are able to stabilize. PGX claims to heighten the sensitivity of the body to insulin levels. Some also believe that PGX may increase the levels of appetite-blocking compounds while decreasing hormones that may lead to overeating.

However, the exact mechanism through which PGX is able to do this is unknown. In addition, PGX allegedly brings down the glycemic index or the rank of carbohydrates in the body according to how they affect the blood glucose of any food or drink.

PGX has to go hand in hand with a strict, healthy diet. No matter how much a patient takes the PGX dosage, without a dietary discipline, there is a chance that no change will occur. A study that PGX funded found that when you use the supplement there is the possibility of losing around 0. They have also provided their contact information, which you can use to get directions and assistance. Other places to buy PGX:. We have established that obesity is a rapidly rising problem in the 21st century.

Food supplements have become the major go-to choice for most people aiming for healthy weight loss. Brown seaweed is allegedly very helpful in weight loss, as it helps quicken the process of burning fat in the body. FucoThin is a supplement that uses brown seaweed as its main ingredient for weight loss and control. It is gluten-free and contains carotenoid, fucoxanthin and thermogenic antioxidants. Because of its powerful fat-burning abilities, it is also supposedly a good tool in preventing heart disease and diabetes as it helps remove the excess fat surrounding the heart.

Lastly, it may help lower cholesterol and blood pressure levels, according to Healthy Living Benefits. Since seaweed is rich in iodine, excessive consumption of FucoThin may lead to iodine poisoning. White Kidney Carb Blocker is another weight control supplement. This one has the potential to block or prevent the breakdown of carbohydrates, thus causing the body to expel them as waste instead of storing as fat. Potential side effects may include bloating or gas.

The third PGX alternative, Safslim, use safflower oil as its key ingredient. This ingredient has high amounts of linoleic acid, which is one of the healthy fats that should be in your diet. Safslim claims to be very effective, especially with the burning of abdominal fat. When you combine it with exercise, you can see results within a short amount of time. Golden Age Other Comic Collectibles Platinum Age 8. Original Comic Art 8. Format see all Format. All Listings filter applied.

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