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REAL ESTATE AS AN ASSET CLASS. Real Estate is going mainstream. This complex and opaque asset class has moved from alternative to a significant share of allocation over the last two decades.

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Real Estate is going mainstream. This complex and opaque asset class has moved from alternative to a significant share of allocation over the last two decades.

More broadly, an improved understanding of the role of real estate within the multi-asset class portfolio and an increased awareness of the potential diversification benefits from international real estate exposure are also impacting real estate investing trends.

As many of our indexes also track performance at both asset and fund level, they can be used as benchmarks for global real estate investors to monitor their overall real estate program and individual fund performance.

The wide coverage of our headline financial performance indexes enhances market transparency for real estate investing institutions and asset owners across the world. With greater data interrogation capabilities, Enterprise Analytics delivers deeper analysis than ever before. Big or small, it delivers transparency at every level. Enterprise Analytics provides analytics to help support your decision making whoever you are, wherever you are in the investment process, whatever your industry and when you need it.

MSCI Real Estate Analytics Portal, our single integrated platform, allows clients to tailor analysis on demand across portfolios and benchmarks, helping them in the rapidly changing real estate investment environment. For more information go to our Enterprise Analytics webpage.

MSCI Real Estate provides support to manage volatility by incorporating analysis on major income risk factors such as lease structure, income concentration and credit risk. Our commitment to include risk in all spheres of income analysis aim to allow researchers, fund managers and asset managers to assess the strengths and weaknesses of their future cash flows.

Leveraging one of the most extensive private real estate databases in the world, it is designed to support a unique level of market transparency. Real Estate research commonly focuses on monitoring market trends in rents, yields and prices. Although useful for broad market context, investors may also seek to understand what these high-level trends mean for investment performance at the asset level and how they aggregate across portfolios. Combining this differentiated content and research can help investors across the enterprise — from strategy formation and portfolio management to asset underwriting and risk — obtain actionable investment insights based on broad and deep information.

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Some of my clients prefer to talk in their mother language. To buy and sell Realestate in Canada sometimes different as in other countries. Often new landed immigrants are thankful when I can explain in their mother language the Canadian Real Estate Rules. We feel very fortunate to be able to live in the Okanagan. For many people, this area is a popular tourist destination and a place to retire. Since over 20 years I'm actively engaged in the horse breeding industry and I'm involved in promoting and registering a old European top breed in North America.

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