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It is meant to inflict dramatic and deadly injury on civilians and to create an atmosphere of fear, generally for a political or ideological whether secular or religious purpose. Their covert wing carries out attacks on military forces with tactics such as raids and ambushes , as well as acts of terror such as attacks that cause deliberate civilian casualties. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

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Nutrition Guidance We all know exercise alone is not enough to get results. Insurgent also known simply as Insurgent is a American science fiction action film directed by Robert Schwentke , based on Insurgent , the second book in the Divergent trilogy by Veronica Roth. The plot of Insurgent takes place five days after the previous installment and continues to follow Dauntless soldier Tris Prior ; Tris and Four, her Dauntless instructor, are on the run after evading a coup from Erudite faction leader Jeanine and the rest of her faction.

The faction system in post-apocalyptic Chicago is crumbling, and everyone is desperate for power — and answers. Filming began on May 27, , in Atlanta , Georgia , before concluding on September 6, A sequel, Allegiant , was released on March 18, Five days after the assault on the Abnegation faction by Erudite leader Jeanine Kate Winslet and her mind-controlled Dauntless soldiers, Jeanine has declared martial law and that the Divergents and those allied with them are the enemy.

Jeanine presumes it contains data from the city's founders and the means to end the Divergence problem. As only a Divergent is capable of opening the box, she orders the capture of all Divergents. Soon after, Eric and his fleet arrive to test all the occupants for Divergence. Peter gives up the group's location as Tris, Four, and Caleb escape and board a train headed into Factionless territory.

Four reveals to the Factionless that his real name is Tobias Eaton, whom they have been searching for. Four, Tris, and Caleb are given amnesty at the Factionless hideout where Tris and Caleb discover that the Factionless leader is Four's mother, Evelyn Naomi Watts , who Four is still resentful towards for leaving him with his abusive father, Marcus.

She suggests that Dauntless and Factionless should ally against Erudite, but Four declines. The next morning, the three leave Factionless for Candor to meet up with the remaining Dauntless; during the trek, Caleb tells his sister Tris that he cannot continue with them and goes in a different direction. However, Four pleads for Jack to conduct a trial in Candor with the use of truth serum. During the trial, Four communicates his motives and is absolved. Tris tearfully admits her guilt in killing Will, which angers Christina, who loved him.

Candor is attacked by the Dauntless who have sided with Eric, and many people are shot with pellets of new simulation serum. Four arrives to save Tris with the Factionless allies and shoots Eric in the head for the murder of hundreds of people.

Back at Erudite, Jeanine, frustrated that none of the Divergent subjects have survived the simulation trials required to open the box, is approached by Peter, who pledges his loyalty to Erudite, and suggests the best way to get Tris to surrender is by exploiting her humanity. Back at the Factionless base, Four reluctantly agrees with Evelyn that war is inevitable and that they need to prepare.

Jeanine activates the pellets, causing Christina, Marlene and Hector to repeatedly chant that Tris must turn herself in or more death will follow, as they step closer and closer to the edge of a tall structure. Tris and Tori then climb the sides of the roof and rescue Christina and Hector. However, Marlene plunges to her death. Overcome by guilt, Tris decides to turn herself in to the Erudites. Arriving at the Erudite headquarters, Tris agrees to undergo the trials provided that the suicides cease.

Tris overcomes four of the trials, however, when her vitals drop, Jeanine reluctantly halts the simulation to let her rest. Tris then discovers that they have captured Four. She fails the final trial and her vital signs cease. Her body is wheeled over to Four's cell so the latter can mourn, but when she's un-paralysed, Peter assists Four in overpowering the guards, revealing that he had faked her death by injecting her with a sleep serum.

Tris is determined to open the box and unveil its message; she and Four head to the simulation room, while Peter returns to the control room to grant them security access. Overcoming the final trial, Tris successfully opens the box. A woman explains that the walled city and faction system is actually an experiment they devised, that the Divergents are actually the success of the experiment, and that the world is waiting outside for them to return to humanity.

Realizing she has lost all her power, Jeanine orders that the box be buried and that Four and Tris be executed. However, the Factionless army breaks into the simulation room to rescue Tris and Four.

Jeanine and Caleb are arrested. The message is broadcast to the entire city. Tris is hailed as a hero by the masses, eager to explore the world beyond the wall. As Jeanine looks out from her cell, she states that there is no telling what awaits them beyond the wall.

Evelyn tells her that she will never find out and shoots her, killing her. Insurgent on March 20, , [6] as a sequel to the film adaptation of Divergent with Brian Duffield originally chosen to write the script for the film. Filming began in Atlanta on May 27, , [29] [30] and concluded on September 6, In late August to early September, filming again moved to Atlanta. From August 28—29 and September 2—6, , more scenes were filmed at the Archives Building in Atlanta. In November , it was announced that composer Joseph Trapanese would score the film.

Instead of a song-based soundtrack, the film relied on the score, which is darker and more intense than the first one. It is the first film of the series to be released in 3D formats and the second film in the franchise to be released in IMAX following the first film. On October 22, , after a few clues were given on the official Instagram page, www. The teaser trailer for The Divergent Series: Insurgent officially debuted online through the film's official YouTube account on November 12, Insurgent was released in a total of 82 countries internationally.

A Time For Consequences. Insurgent received mixed to negative reviews from critics. The website's critical consensus reads, "Shailene Woodley gives it her all, but Insurgent is still a resounding step back for a franchise struggling to distinguish itself from the dystopian YA crowd.

Many critics praised Shailene Woodley 's performance, as well as some of the main cast. Kimmel said, "Woodley does solid work here as she's done elsewhere, and continues to be someone to watch. Sullivan of Entertainment Weekly writing that, "Taken for what it is, Insurgent is a vast improvement over the franchise's first installment, mostly thanks to expansion in two arenas: Tom Russo of The Boston Globe gave the film a positive review, calling it "a sequel that sticks to more routine territory of action, angst, and dystopian gloom — mostly a sound approach, thanks to the consistent strength of franchise lead Shailene Woodley and a mix of intended and inadvertent surprises.

On April 11, , Summit Entertainment announced that a two-part film based on the final book in the Divergent trilogy, Allegiant , would be made. The first part, The Divergent Series: Allegiant , would be due for release on March 18, , while the second part, The Divergent Series: Ascendant , would be released on June 9, On September 10, , it was announced that the two films would be re-titled, with Part 1 being renamed as The Divergent Series: Allegiant and Part 2 as The Divergent Series: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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