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CARABINAS ANSCHUTZ / STOCK Precise CARABINAS ANSCHUTZ / STOCK Precise. Modelo / (Art. ) para tiradores diestros con empuñadura en talla L por defecto.

I haven't shot with it yet, but I'm looking forward to it. I tried a couple other brands but they were designed primarily as a way to make the hard scratchy buttstocks more comfortable on light recoiling calibers.


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Designed for the Browning vest. I have scoured the net and I found a lot of reviews about the Reactor G2 Pad vs. So I decided to try them all together, side by side, and write a review so you can experience it in words before making your decision. So, from the photo below, you can see that the vest has a pocket designed to hold the Reactor G2 pad. The pocket comes with the vest but the pad does not. Pad is sold separately. When you browse the product here, Amazon recommends or tells you that other people buy the Beretta Gel Pad as well although the Gel Pad is not specifically made for the Trapper Creek Vest..

Well, it actually does! In a fashion, of course. By Charlie in NW. Relief for my Shoulder The product arrived on time as promised. Bought this to go with the Browning Shooting vest. The pad slides right into the pocket of the vest.

Took it when I went to the shooting range. It's not very thick, so it does not restrict you're movement. It does make a big difference in the felt impact on my shoulder.

Unprotected, I come back from shooting my shotgun fairly sore. This padding has reduced the pain level substantially. I am very pleased this item and highly recommend it.

It's made shooting much more enjoyable. Bought this for Dove season last year. I Don't have the Browning vest but the wife sewed in a pocket into the back of the pad on my two favorite wrangler shooting shirts.

I showed her where I wanted it and she did the rest. I think I'll keep her! Works great and I did not notice any perceivable difference in gunmount or length of pull.

Takes the sting out of those Trap and Field loads and I use it all the time now Trap, 5 stand and birds. The only thing I would change is I would round off the top edge for just a little better fit. Maybe I can get the wife to do that?!

Of Menopause and Shotguns I think I just wanted to feel like a badass for once in my life, so I bought a shotgun. I took it to the range and hired a young man to show me how to use it. He seemed confused why someone's grandma would want to do this, but as he was being paid, he went along.

I'll refrain from retelling the entire incident, and instead use the phrases "hit by a freight train" and "kicked by a mule" to paint the picture. After putting 10 slugs through it, I went home and made a doctor appointment the next day to look at my shoulder. Long story short, I bought this gel pad and put it on "Bruno". Cut that kick in half, no lie. Now he's my baby and we get along just fine. Granny Clampett ain't got nothing on me. This thing works very well!! I was discouraged from shooting my 12 gauge again when it nearly blew my shoulder out after shooting only one box of shells.

After attaching it, I went through boxes of shells on some clays AND went hunting the same day and my shoulder is just fine. Ordered two different recoil pads to try out based on research and reviews. This one looks okay, but because of the design when on the gun it stands out more.

This was put onto a 12 ga CZ that when used previously had a mild recoil. When you set the gel pad it will feel off as you don't get the firm feeling when the gun is set in place. When fired there is no recoil felt, and I had not shoulder soreness that day or the next. I've ordered another one of this pad for a different 12 gauge and look forward to shooting. After reading some reviews that the small was Got this Allen Recoil Eraser Pad to put on my Mossberg Maverick 88 and I decided to go with the medium size although the small was recommended.

After reading some reviews that the small was too small for the Maverick 88 I went along and bought the medium and IM glad I did. At first it looked like the medium was a bit small for the Maverick 88 stock but with stretching it a little bit and playing around with it pulling here and there I was able to put it on and it fits perfect. I think that the reason that they recommend the small pad is if you decided to take off the pad that already comes attached to the back of the stock.

Significantly better than similar products I'm a gun nut, and I've got a lot of different rifles with a lot of different recoil pads. Any one of them will a reasonably good job. But this product really is head and shoulders above the rest. The reduction in felt recoil is significantly better than similar products, even fancier products that cost significantly more.

With this recoil pad, my. Obviously, this product cannot work miracles. By 2 Legit 2 Quit. After reading the reviews, it was a toss up between a small or medium size. It was a very tight fit getting the small onto the butt stock. It seemed like a medium would have been a better fit. So I went back and re-read he Product Description. Sure enough a medium is the correct size.

I took off a star because the Product Description poorly identifies which guns take the medium size. There are simple ways - using a different font, new line, new paragraph, etc. Great product but needs work Excellent product, absorbs the recoil. Does not impact or interfere with the collapsable features. Really makes a difference after magazines. The product doesn't hold up under use. It will not stay on the stock, after some time it has become sticky and it has started to split in several places.

It will require rubber tape or zip ties to keep it attached. No, it was not subjected to any cleaning solvents. The concept is excellent and really does work well to reduce the recoil, it simply needs a better means to stay attached and a different compound to the rubber so it doesn't start splitting after several uses.

Fits perfectly on the Sub Gen 2 Excellent product. Fits perfectly on the Sub Gen 2, adds a significant amount of padding, but is firm not squishy. It also adds very little to the length of the folded rifle, so it still fits nicely in the Kel-Tec case while folded. I would also add that the customer service was excellent. Product arrived on time and they provided the name, email address and phone number of a person to contact if I had any issues.

Definitely recommend to help reduce the recoil impact on your shoulder. Tacticool Products makes a recoil reducer that is inserted in the bolt tube at the end of the bolt.

The problem with that is that the recoil reducer prevents the bolt from locking in the open position you can't pull the bolt back far enough. This recoil pad is an excellent alternative. The butt plate of the Sub is hard plastic polymer, whatever with well defined edges. Run rounds through this carbine and you'll see the results on your shoulder.

This recoil pad alleviates that problem. So far, I have added this recoil pad, a Tacticool Products bolt tube cover, MCarbo trigger springs and trigger kit and a red dot sight. Beautiful and functional I put this shooting pad on the stock end of a very old years Mosin Nagant bolt-action rifle. Not only is this pad affordable, but it looks really good on my antique rifle.

It has several pads on the inside that can be removed or kept in place depending on how much padding you need. The leather looks great. And the elastic on the lower half allows for a wide variety of butt stocks.

For the price, I'm very impressed for what I received in return. Very nice for the price; don't assume that "small" is small enough In terms of quality: It doesn't have the old-timey feel of laced buttstock covers, but has a nice, timeless vibe to it, making it look pretty good on cowboy guns and more modern firearms alike. Beware of sizing, though: This fits snugly on the Winchester, but is too big for Cimarron. By one bad cat. Quality and appearance is top notch with nice leather and stitching.

I purchased this for an older double barreled IAC coach gun. The small size seemed like a pretty close fit. I did have some concerns as this gun has a fairly narrow 5 inch height stock. Fit was a little tight for height other wise perfect. This will protect the stock, my shoulder and gives me about 1 inch of extension. A 5 star quality product.

Makes shooting big bores more pleasureable. Take your time fitting it to your stock. You can make it look like it is made for your gun. I used two different files, my dremel, and sand paper. Fits great and looks custom. Measure 4 times and cut once. It does so much more than it implies. I am a small built guy, 5'9" tall and lbs. At one shooting, in less than two hours, I put 15 rounds through my and 40 rounds through the Mosin It's mounted in an Archangel stock.

It may as well been a 22 cal. I know I could put another hundred rounds through with no problems. Trap model is harder than the regular Was going to put this on my 20 gauge youth to replace the hard as steel factory pad. Well i didnt waste my time as the trap model of limbsavers grind to fit pad was nearly as hard, a decent bit harder than their classic version pad. Since limbsaver in their infinite "wisdom" doesnt make a precision fit airtechbpad fit THE best, hands down most widely sold and owned shotgun their is, the Remington express, idiotic on their part IMO i went with the airtech slip on pad because its much softer, reduces more recoil.

I choose the limbsaver over the rest of the others because it had the lowest profile possible but even still it doesn't allow the decrease in pull as advertised because of the plastic backing plate is thicker than I initially thought. The buttpad is about twice as thick as what came on my Magpul STR. Looks and feels great. Superbly made with exceptional fit and finish, but Superbly made with exceptional fit and finish. So why only 4 stars instead of 5 you ask? Well to quote the description "Designed for enhanced shoulder purchase as well as offering improved recoil reduction with its thicker, vented construction rubber".

I might agree that it will improve shoulder purchase, but improved recoil reduction is not likely. The so called rubber is about as hard as the plastic stock it goes onto and has no "give" whatsoever.

Magpul make three different sized thickness wise buttpads this one is the thickest and I believe that it would be safe to say that it would not make any difference as to which one is used for recoil reduction. I installed mine on a Magpul CRT-type butt stock and it finishes it off very nicely. Inexpensive, made in USA, and comes with all the mounting hardware needed. What's not to like? Well, the rubber isn't very soft.

Well, it's not quite as soft as I'd expected, so I doubt it will provide much recoil reduction, but it's better than nothing, better than the thin pad that came with the stock. It may not help much in cushioning your shoulder, but at least it'll help protect your rifle from damage if you drop it on the buttstock.

The rubber is pretty hard, but again, better than nothing, and the thickness should help cushion the rifle stock a little. I did not use a jig and managed to get the sides pretty straight. It looks great as if it was always there. Whole project only took about an hour. Make sure you order the right size.

I bought this recoil pad to replace the factory pad on my Beretta Urika This pad definitely reduces felt recoil and I know longer have a sore shoulder after a good day in the duck boat or blind. The other nice thing is that the screw placement on the Decelerator pad matched up perfectly so I didn't have to add ant material to the stock for the screws. I should have made the switch years ago.

I have used the Pachmayr Decelerator pads on other hard kicking custom rifles I have built so I know that it's a quality pad and that it definitely reduces the punch of hard kicking magnum rifles.

I eventually got it roughly sanded to size and decided to quit while I was ahead. Really takes the kick out of. Installed easily, fits great I installed this on a Colt M4 carbine rifle, and it makes a big difference over the stock butt plate.

It installed easily, and when you shoulder the rifle, it sticks, and feels more stable. The stock butt plate would slip and move as you shoot.

It reduces felt recoil, and seems to balance the rifle weight wise. The best one out there This butt pad is the nicest, most comfortable, and one of the cheapest out there. The others that are cheaper have a terrible stink and are hard plasticy feeling.

This one has that rubbery feeling we all are looking for. I have two of these and some of those cheaper ones. VERY nice, fits perfect I am very happy with this pad. I put it on my JRC 9mm carbine. It fits perfect, appears very well made, and has a high quality finish.

The OEM buttpad was like a cheese grater. This is a great improvement to finish off the rifle. If you have an AR If you have an AR you need this pad! This is a quallity pad that's well made, it fits perfectly on the butt stock, goes on really easily I heated it in the microwave for 30 seconds. In short, do yourself a favor and buy this pad.

You'll be glad you did and you can't beat the price. I am so happy I swallowed my pride and purchased this recoil pad I realize the AR has very minimal recoil but in my case I have a torn rotator cuff that can't be repaired and arthritis in my shoulder.

People said dry worked better for them but i am a female who graphic comment tends to be moist down there all the time so dry didn't really work well. I keep looking for the perfect, silver-bullet.

It ain't gonna happen, baby. But similar to my wonderful but slightly flawed husband, this shaver is the best to be found.

I've tried others, I've spent more, you're clear here that I'm talking about the shaver, right? I can use it in the shower or not in the shower. I can drop it into a tub of water without fear of electrocution or ruining the shaver. It's pretty much idiot-proof in that way. Be sure your shaving area is either completely dry or completely wet. Otherwise, it will drag on some in-between dampness. No more pain I'm really pleased with this new addition to my bathroom.

I have had one of this some time ago, but I lost the blade. So, I have been using sharp scissors to trim, with few accidents in between. Now that I got this, I can put the worry to bed, nothing will poke my nose while trimming those lengthy hairs. I am also very pleased with the addition of light, now I have clear sight of what I'm trimming and not just guessing.

Compact I got this for my husband. He likes that it is compact and he can carry it with him on trips. The only thing he didn't like was that it was "painful. It is not, he is just a baby. It works good, it said it included battery, It works like a charm.

I was perplexed when I opened it up, because it said that there was a battery included. It wasn't in the box and I didn't think they would have installed it before it was sold.

There was no battery. There were no instructions either. The outside surface is so smooth for a moment I couldn't figure out where the battery went. All's well that ends well though and I'm very happy with the purchase. I'll admit, I'm a huge baby when it comes to hair stuff. No, I don't get it either. I can sit for a long tattoo without issue, but come at my face with a pair of tweezers and I'm outta there. Which is unfortunate for me because I'm a hairy-ish person - or at least it feels like it because I'm ghost-pale, so even the finest hairs are super visible.

I usually take a regular razor to them, but it isn't ideal. These little electric things have gotten good press from beauty gurus on YouTube, so I picked a cheap one, crossed my fingers, and hoped it wouldn't hurt. I have thick, dark coarse facial hair so I was skeptical at first I only wish I'd found it a long time ago.

I've wasted a lot of time and money over the years trying to find an effective way to easily remove that obnoxious daily growth, and here it finally is. The shaver is lightweight, attractive, and easy to maneuver.

I washed my face with warm water and gentle soap first to open my pores and then let it dry thoroughly. I started at my jaw line, pulling the skin tight as recommended in the directions. I continued with my chin, and lower lip, and turned the shaver off briefly before finishing with my upper lip.

The machine does get a little warm after a couple of minutes, so I let it cool for a moment. Great shaver I bought this with my elderly mother who's been having some issues with unwanted hair. She tried it loves it no problems using it and no worries about her getting cut. So after hearing how much my mother liked her razor I decide to buy one for myself. It is awesome for the price it is you can't go wrong I have spent money on more expensive ones and they didn't work this well great item..

It will be perfect for traveling and keeping organized while on vacation and I won't be worried about losing or forgetting the charger or shaver. Nice case for the shaver Perfect companion for the Panasonic shaver. You don't really need but it's nice to have a case for it. Sturdy Razor Storage Fits my razor and the charger and does what it's made to do, keeps it from damage in the drawer.

The color is a bit bright for me, great for a teenager but I'd prefer a more mellow black or grey case. But it is easy to find in my drawer. My children enjoy this game. Because they are always learning when they play it, I do not mind how long they play it. I bought it for my son who needed to practice multiplication for his grade.

I watched my 5yr old son watch intently my older son playing this game. My 5yr old has learned some of his timestable. This game is able to sustain my very active 5yr old for hours at a time. I hope to find a similar one for addition and subtraction. Kids will learn times tables without trying. No stress or tears! All 4 of my kids learned their multiplication facts 1 - 12 using this program and no other method. No painful flashcards, timed drills, etc. They love this program! My 8 year old who mastered his times facts years ago using Timez Attack still begs to play timez attack.

He learned his full times tables when he was 6. Disclaimer - I am a strict mom when it comes to video games, so the appeal of the game is no doubt greater because it is the only game they can play without restriction. However, the graphics are awesome, the game play is engaging and entertaining.

For one of my 4 children, it is almost addicting! By just above water. Head and shoulders better than the other stuff My son played this the summer before 3rd grade - he loved it, and kept playing it until he 'beat' it, because it's a 'real' video game which I don't often let him play, except in small doses. Granted, it's not comparable to the best console games out there, with photorealistic graphics and physics simulations etc.

But it is worlds better than the crappy flash math trainers you can get for free for two reasons: I'm using these to make my own personal perfume from essential oils for my purse. Exactly what I thought it would be.

I ordered a different set before, and they weren't dark enough. These were dark enough, could be darker but better than most.

The roller part worked easily. It was hard to push the top in, but I want it that way so it doesn't leak in my purse. Definitely Worth the Price! I am VERY pleased with the purchase of these roll on glass bottles! I have used a variety of bottles in the past with plastic roller balls, so honestly, I am having to adjust to the COLD factor of using a metal roller ball.

I was surprised at the difference in the feel of application using a metal roller ball. However, in the blends I have already created to carry around in my bag, I am VERY pleased that these bottles do not seem to leak in any way, and the dispensed amount is adequate without using too much.

I will probably order other colors from this manufacturer because I am extremely pleased with this purchase! These bottles are great. I could have used a smaller size These bottles are great. I could have used a smaller size, but that's okay.

The roller ball works very well. The bottles are easy to fill. They were not too expensive. I was concerned about breakage during shipping.

The company took care of that. The bottles were very secure in double bubble wrap, then another layer of bubble wrap prior to being placed in the box. My wife wrote this review. I am so pleasantly surprised. I have had less than desirable experiences with similar products in the past. The vibration on my upper lip caused it to tickle, but a little tickle is better than the pain of plucking. The shaver easily comes apart to clean too!

Does the job well! This shaver doesn't hurt that much when you use it, more like it tickles. It's easy to clean, and you don't need batteries to use it which is a plus. I always prefer my electronics to be charged through plugging it in. The shave is not the smoothest, but I am sure it helps a lot to get a good start on cleaning.

For the price, I am not sure if it is worth it since it is a little bit on the pricey side, but I have not encountered any issues since I have bought it.

Great Razor, used best as a dry razor Charged it the day before I left for my honeymoon and the charge lasted until just last week! A little tip tho, shave before you get in the shower or bath or a couple of hours after. A battery operated razor shaves closer if your skin is dry. I didn't expect to use as a wet shaver but I found that using it as a dry shaver improves the hair removal much better.

My legs were much smoother and softer when I use before I get my skin wet or damp. The color is just as pictured. I have always used a disposable razor but thought I could upgrade and try a battery operated one and I'm happy that I did! I would Recommend for legs. But keep in mind that there are no replacement heads on Amazon So this is my first electric shaver.

I am really prone to ingrown hair, and I tried practically everything before this: Manual razors, waxing, depilation creams This one worked a bit better than the rest of the methods. I liked that most of the time it didn't hurt, and that unlike a regular razor, it is convenient and almost fun to use. It is pretty easy to clean. The charging station is comfortable. I've never run out of charge while shaving but I always kept it on the charger when I wasn't using it.

Almost as close as a razor but mechanical issues Had the Panasonic ESP which lasted for years but only gave me an adequate shave. When it was time to replace it, I thought I would try this Remington shaver and am very pleased with it. Though it may be difficult to get as close as a hand razor, this one just about achieves it and is much closer than the Panasonic.

Happy with my purchase. It was replaced with no problem but today, four months later, it will not shut off. It is now sitting outside while the battery drains. While it gives it a great, close shave, I do not recommend due to chronic mechanical issues. Tips for beginners So, I haven't tried epilating in years first attempt, needless to say, was unsuccessful.

However, I decided to give it another go with this doo-dad, and I'm pleasantly surprised. It does still hurt but it's bearable--a bit like intense pins-and-needles when your leg falls asleep. I've never waxed my legs before so I'm expecting it to get easier.

Some tips to help fellow newbies out: Try for longer strokes vs short, because ending a stroke hurts a little bit extra. The hairs show up as dots in my pores. I finally got sooooo sick of shaving every. As a teenager, I had tried once to wax my legs, but it was such a nightmare and didn't even work that it took me until age 40 to finally decide ripping thick, coarse hair out by the roots might actually be a good idea.

I bought this via Prime and had it the next day. What was Braun thinking? Dumb "improvement" Hate the 9. I had a Silk-epil 7 and loved it; however, after 2 years of weekly use yes, my hair grows fast, but I could actually go a couple days without needing to epilate--freedom! I decided to "upgrade" to the 9. Hey, it's newer; it's improved, right? The 9 is horrible. Those 42 tweezers are now spread out which means there are fewer tweezers rotating over each spot.

It's like going from a 3-blade razor to a 1-blade razor. I have to go over the same spot so many times and so much slower. Epilating takes twice as long with the 9, and the tweezers simply don't pull the hairs out as efficiently. Works great For anyone else who didn't know where the razor model number is, you have to pop open the top to see it.

I got this because my razor looked like the one pictured and luckily it was one that was listed on the package. Pretty easy to switch out the stuff. I have had my razor for years and was thinking about getting a new one, but there were so many mixed reviews on all of them, so when I saw this I decided it was worth a try. It works well and gets more hairs than before.