A stock value in motion tends to hold in motion; Unholy Grails will current you methods to be on the constructive facet of this assertion. In Unholy Grails, Nick Radge particulars a road a lot much less travelled; a compilation of smart strategies for consumers in quest of long time interval good factors with minimal day by day effort.


If you are completely committed then we guarantee the time allotted will be sufficient. How many hours will I need to commit per week? You can work through the complete course at your own pace however personal mentoring will only be available for 6-months from your start date. We have had students finish the theory within 2-months and others that have needed 4-months. Will that be a disadvantage? We take several measures to ease the burden of long distance mentoring for our international students.

Much of the information exchange for mentoring can be done by email, Skype and Team Viewer. What software will I require?

The course is based on AmiBroker which we consider the best value for money testing software available. Students are required to purchase AmiBroker prior to starting the course. We will teach you how to use the software and how to purchase and integrate data with AmiBroker. Is AmiBroker included in the course price.

You buy the program and you own it forever. You may choose to upgrade or not, whenever you want. The license is personal, so if you own 3 computers, you can use your single personal AmiBroker license on all of them. I can already program AmiBroker. Can I get a discount? Over the years we have seen many trading systems that have been programmed in AmiBroker and many of those were simply not suitable to trade professionally.

We have also had one student with years AmiBroker experience that was able to learn many new skills from the course. How do I make course payment? Once you have completed the required questionnaire and if an invitation is offered to you, you will be invoiced. Can I get a refund? We provide all information immediately and mentoring is ongoing throughout the 6-month course.

You may however request a sabbatical if:. If I design a trading system of my own, how will I know it remains proprietary to me? We do not disseminate any information about other students strategies and have been programming proprietary strategies for clients around the world since However, we will sign a non-disclosure agreement although you would need to prove that the system, or parts thereof, are in fact completely original to you.

How many systems can I design? As part of the course you will be required to design, build and trade at least one system that is agreed upon by the Mentors. Obviously with the new knowledge you will be in a position to design, build and trade as many systems as you require.

Do you have a payment plan? As has been stated, access to all information is immediate upon approval. Can I just pay for the theory and forgo the mentoring?

The true value of this course is the personal insights from the mentors to help meet the student's specific needs. How do I retain the written theory after the 6-months has expired? As a student you will continue to have access to the secure LMS area and can revisit all aspects of the course at any time. Can I claim the cost of the course through my tax?

We are unable to advise on that. Please speak with your accountant or tax advisor. I only trade FX and commodity futures. Will this course be suitable for me? Whilst the information provided throughout the course can be used in any market, the focus is on stocks and stockmarkets. Given that the objective of this course is to create successful systems traders, have you mentored anybody to become active systems traders before the creation of this course? If so, how many?

I have done personal consulting since for 82 clients to different degrees and have been engaged by 5 larger organisations accountants and financial advisors to develop internal systems. Will the students have a means to interact with each other in a type of "study group" environment? Yes, within the LMS is a forum that was built specifically for this reason.

We also run a monthly live group call where all students can interact with mentors and other students. Trading System Mentor Course. The global markets offer a chance for every individual to make significant changes to their lives. This doesn't necessarily mean rolling in untold amounts of money, indeed, many have more simplistic goals: You can choose your desired goals and outcomes. It's completely up to you. We've all heard that trading should be operated as a business.

The job of a business owner is to design systems so that the business can run either on its own, or with minimal input from the owner or employees - like McDonalds. Being the business owner, however, means it's your job to design and implement those systems.

It's a well known fact that many of the worlds top traders and hedge fund managers use systems. They all developed rules, or repetitive tasks if you like, that are proven to work and enable much of the human emotion to be removed from day to day operations. This is where computer programs merge with the trading world and is the basis of the Trading Systems Mentor Course. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of books, courses and available systems that you can pick from right now.

But why is it that with so much on offer there still exists a huge gap between those that are truly successful and those that constantly struggle to be profitable traders? Simply put - the strategy they follow or the system they buy doesn't fit their personality, beliefs, goals, risk appetite or lifestyle.

But that now changes. The first section of the Trading System Mentor course provides the necessary knowledge required to become a successful systems trader. A profitable system is not just a bunch of buy and sell points or indicators. It encompasses your complete emotional makeup. After all, you could develop the world's best system but if it makes you feel uncomfortable then you won't be able to execute it as designed.

This extensive theory section contains: These could be the most important few paragraphs of text you ever read when it comes to your trading In the second section, we dive deep into the practical application of your new knowledge. You will personally design, develop, program, backtest and finally trade your very own system - a system that you will have built from the ground up to: But here's the kicker This complete process will be under the strict supervision of two highly experienced mentors who, combined, have years trading experience and will offer unconditional one-on-one guidance and support for the full 6-months.

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