How to earn from google adsense in pakistan

For webmasters from Asian countries, try another advertisement system. Mohsin bi ya bata dain AdSense sa payment mangana k laya western union use kya ha. Keep applying and they will approve you.

Google Adsense in Urdu Training

But no one have a blog or website so you can also buy Google Adsense account in Pakistan. Not many people know that they can apply for rather than buy Google Adsense without having to own a website of blog. Yes there is a website named as Flixya. All you have to do is to signup for Gmail which is absolutely free and activate your account.

Please remember that always use Gmail account in order to signup so that this email can also be use for Google Adsense.

After the activation of your Gmail account, its time to do some unique stuff. Yes nothing is free or you cannot earn money without doing some work. So try taking some amazing pictures which can attract people or create your own funny pictures. This way is very interested and creative as well. Every body has this unique kind of ability to take pictures which can attract people. After that just upload your own art work. This can be your beautiful city or any incident which people are interested around the world.

Creating your own videos is not any difficult at all now days. You can take some pictures and make beautiful slide show or can tell some windows tips and tricks via videos. After making or selecting the video from web upload it.

The last part is to write some unique and quality blog posts. Write some unique description and keyword for your blog post in order to be search in Google results. Make sure you write at least 2 blog posts before applying for Google Adsense. So your account is now filled with images, Videos and blog posts, so its time to apply for it.

Just login into your account and click on monetize tab on top of window. After that click on Monetize tab, you will then redirect to Ad-sense website for form filling. Google will ask your name; address some personal information in order to join Ad-sense.

Remember to check all tick boxes at the end of the form especially which says that allow to manage your account. After that Google ask for confirmation on next page just click continue button. After that Google will ask for Gmail username and password. Google Adsense Account in Pakistan? Dear friends I have heard that google adsense account is banned in Pakistan.

Please update me about it and How to get an adsense account living in Pakistan. I have a website of my own. But being a newbie am working on it a Joomla site and trying to pick as many visitors as I can. Venus , Oct 10, Mark Kate , Oct 11, For webmasters from Asian countries, try another advertisement system. Slincon , Oct 11, This is true that google has been very careful while approving adsense accounts specially in Asian Countries like India, Pakistan etc.

Mightee , Oct 22, You can accounts approved in adsense any where.