Expiring AT&T Union Contract Threatens Strike of 14,000

Click the link for the latest BST Bargaining updates. MLK Marade flyer During past contract negotiations, it has been about take-backs as our members gave up numerous things that had a direct impact on their jobs and lives. I'm calling on every member that's near by to meet me there at 5: This is critical to maintain our power to negotiate wages, benefits and pensions in the future.

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CWA has some serious concerns as to how the company will use the data that the mileage app collects. Day 5 and the company has not passed any proposals. It was a plus pages presentation. We went over the high lights and low lights.

Day 6 and the company has not passed any proposals. We also has a discussion clarifying some concerns around the proposed Compensation Plan. Day 7 and the company has not passed any proposals.

We will be meeting again on September 10th and 11th. Cathy Smith right joined just celebrated her 20 year service anniversary after joining Bellsouth in Cathy has been an active union member throughout her entire career and became a Job Steward in She started as Telephone Rep before moving into the Premise Rep position and is now acting in the Major Accounts role.

CWA has assembled a great team. Let's all support them. Sign up a Non-member today. The model in its current state form was one of the most insulting, highly offensive comp plans that any of us have ever seen. Tomorrow the company will present a Sub-proposal is what they are calling it. CWA Bargaining Team has quite a few of questions and clarifications needed in reference to the plan and will meet to peel back the layers.

The Sales plan included some good but also included quite a few issues that are in need of further clarification and tweaking.

We also addressed the lack of a technology fee for sales reps as they continue to work in virtual offices but was left as a point of contention. Members of DEX-YP are strongly urged to reach out to your fellow co-workers for a sense of solidarity by asking the non-union members to join this fight for a fair contract.

Please wish them the best. This is going to be an opportunity for DEX Media to do the right thing and take care of our members, the ones who are the face of this company and the ones that drive the revenue.

CWA understands that in order for our members to succeed that the company has to be profitable, but this does not have to happen on the backs of our members. During past contract negotiations, it has been about take-backs as our members gave up numerous things that had a direct impact on their jobs and lives.

The wage increases were minimal, while the expectations were greater. Now, DEX Media as the new owner has an opportunity to do what is right and ensure that its employees, our members, receive the job security, compensation, benefits and respect that they deserve and work hard for every day.

We want to see a fair contract, one that compensates and protects our members for the work that they do on a daily basis to make this company succeed. The advertising business is one of constant change and adaptability, and CWA needs to be part of the discussions when it comes to these changes.

Technology changes but the need for quality employees does not change, and that is why we must have employment protections for our members. I am looking forward to a great relationship between CWA and DEX Media and today will we start the process that will help to build upon that relationship. We will show that we can work together to grow the business while also benefiting our members and come out of this bargaining with a contract that does both of these things.

We met today to set the tone for future bargaining session. Some of the items that the company will be discussing: Termination pay in regards to forced adjustment, Comp Plan, Virtual office, Mileage. We also addressed the anti-union statement made by the CEO Walsh at an all employee training meeting in Atlanta and about how his hands are tied because of the unions.

We will be in a fight. I want to thank Local for several bargaining suggestion forms submitted today, we will be reviewing all suggested items. There is still time to submit your issues for bargaining. June 13, A lot has happened over the past couple weeks, from upfront SIPP announcements in various organizations to the Time Warner deal being approved. It's my hope that the 3rd quarter surplus that's due to be announced Friday will not bring us bad news.

This is a great opportunity for our senior employees to leave payroll with extra money if you looking to retire soon. Termination pay is more however, surplus effect the junior employees in most cases and therefore the senior employee may not be affected.

If you have any questions please feel free to call me so we can discuss your individual situation if you have questions. Reminder that you can only submit Sipp in the last month of the quarter to remain in effect for the for the following quarter. You are able to cancel your SIPP request at anytime prior to the last day of the month. Please call me if you have any questions.

Below you will find a link to the Beirne Foundation scholarship rules. Eligible for the scholarships are CWA members, their spouses, children and grandchildren, including the dependents of retired, laid-off, or deceased members. This valuable scholarship program is made possible by the funding of CWA locals.

This agreement contains many improvements to the previous contract that will greatly benefit our members. The combined 4-year wage increase will result in a compounded The increases listed below will be applied to the top in the basic wage schedules on the date indicated.

There will be no increase at the start rate, and all other steps will be exponentially increased:. The bonus is available to all employees on the payroll as of the ratification date and the payout date. When the Company hires a new employee, who has no experience or training at a wage rate higher than current employees in the same title at the same location, those current employees will be raised to the same rate of pay as the new hires.

This is in addition to any compensation for the actual duty. In the event of a layoff or surplus as a result of retail store or call center closure, or in the event the company eliminates or vacates a job title, the company will offer affected workers positions available at any Mobility work location covered by a CWA labor agreement within the continental U. The offer is available to specific job titles and the affected employees must meet expectations for current job and must be qualified for the job being offered.

Affected employees have 1 working day to accept the job offer. Testing for the new job may be required, but the re-test waiting period is waived for employees acting under this ESC. The company agrees to bring the level of call flow by December 31, The company will provide quarterly reports to CWA so that the union can ensure compliance.

If the call flow percentage should fall below the agreed upon levels, there will be no involuntary surpluses declared unless there is an extraordinary drop in total call volume or other adverse economic reasons for the decline.

Previously in the event of surplus, it was up to the company whether employees would have the opportunity to resign and receive a severance payment. Under this agreement it will be mandatory for the company to offer this option.

The offer is made based on seniority up to the number needed to alleviate the surplus. If the surplus remains, the company will eliminate temporary workers and contractors.

This step is unchanged from the current agreement. If the surplus still remains, the company is now required to give priority placement rights for lateral and downgrade job vacancies.

It applied to all CWA Mobility contracts across the country. This agreement covers the plan in and only - the last two years of the contract. Under this agreement, the plan design in remains unchanged from the previous year for both the Option 1 and Option 2 plans. The General Wage Increase will be applied after this adjustment to the wage tables.

The general wage increase will be applied after this adjustment to the wage tables. Monitoring of employees to ensure high quality sales performance is allowed, but the number of evaluative observations that may be observed is limited to six per month. Management determines the method of evaluation and what is observed. Observations must be done on the sales floor — not by watching video in the back room. The Letter of Agreement regarding monitoring limits the number of evaluative observations that can be observed in a month to 8.

Selection of calls to be observed will alternate between management and the employee, with management selecting the first call. Management determines the method of evaluation. Any additional calls observed cannot be used for discipline except in cases of misconduct.

Calls used for calibration purposes by management and additional customer calls selected for coaching purposes will not be used toward discipline except in cases of misconduct.

MI60 duties will be performed by bargaining unit employees only on a voluntary basis and subject to final selection by management. Such assignments will be rotated quarterly and aligned with shift bids. A shift differential will be paid. Duties will include assisting management with floor support, chat support and handling escalations.

No other management duties are included — not coaching, observing, or any other documentation of performance. In order to protect seniority and scheduling, when new hires are brought into a center; management will initiate a process to place them in open slots after existing employees have had an opportunity to bid on the open slots based on seniority order.

The trial will include training of the workers, determining the scope of the trial, meeting with CWA to discuss expectations before the trial and meeting quarterly with CWA as the trial progresses. The first meeting is set for days after ratification or sooner.

Supply Chain employees are now eligible for safety glasses and safety footwear under similar terms to Wireless Technicians: Protecting Seniority in Workforce Imbalance Situations. Temporary moves will be done by seniority. If a temporary imbalance lasts for more than 6 months, the move will be made permanent with another canvas by seniority. Anyone reassigned will have the right to retreat to previous position if it opens up within a year of reassignment.

In the event the company determines emergency business conditions require a change in schedules of hours worked, management may adjust schedules on a temporary basis, but a new provision requires management to explain the business needs and the expected duration of the temporary condition so that workers can better prepare and plan for the temporary schedule change. There is an agreement to implement a Flexible Excused Day with Pay trial in three call centers.

Please join us for an informational picket at Morosgo on Friday pm to show support for our Mobility Bargaining Team. This is an election year so please be advised that the election committee will take nominations for office at the October Union Meeting. It is believed that the company will be aggressively administrating discipline for performance under DEX.

Please check your records to insure you don't have entries that you were not aware of, or may have forgot to grieve. I'm told termination payments will be biweekly rather than monthly.

But definitely no lump sum, except for the benefits payout under the print media contract. What happens to our YP reps there? What happens to reps in those jobs? If we continue to work for DEXYP, will our years of service be bridged, or are we all considered new employees?

Some of us have a long time with the company. Service that was recognized at the closing will continue to be recognized as long as service remains continuous. Remember we got paid over a 16 month period on new business, which was the income plan we were hired under. In the current DSE rep title, if this position is retained, will they honor salary and unrecoverable draw agreements?

If positions are not retained, Will we be given opportunity to become Account managers? Salaries and recoverable draws in accordance with CBA terms will be honored unless and until the Union and the Company agree to other terms. To the best of my knowledge that has not been determined; however, further implementation of the GTM strategy is on hold. Dex acquired the stock and other ownership interests in the YP entities. The same union-represented employees working the day before the transaction were working the day after.

Only the ownership of the employers of the represented employees has changed. But, YP has not undergone the kind of rigorous stream-lining that Dex has over the past two years, and we do anticipate that the YP entities will get smaller and experience some eliminations.

We are hard at work reviewing the issue. This MOA will insure that the Job Bank is available for any of our members who are currently affected by the 3rd quarter surplus and any future surplus up to the ratification of the next contracts. Please feel free to call me if you have any additional questions after reading the MOA and I do look forward to seeing you all at future Union Meetings.

From that point forward through the end of the Working Agreements, bargaining unit employees will no longer receive tuition funding through, nor under the terms of, either of those two plans. Consistent progress is defined as completion of one course during each calendar year.

The Company retains the right to modify the list of approved degree programs. Each day in a work assignment, in which an employee performs actual work, will be paid wages in accordance with the applicable Working Agreement.

Such work assignment and the wages earned will not reduce any residual termination allowance otherwise owed under Any future termination allowance will be adjusted by this lump sum amount Regular time spent in the meetings will be paid. No time or expenses will be paid for travel to attend the meetings. The past couple months I have been in communications and discussions with District 3 trying to get a resolution for our technicians in TFS regarding the changes they made to the way our members are being scheduled.

Below is the settlement for technicians in TFS. This is a huge win for our Technicians that were affected by changes the company made in TFS pertaining to scheduling. In settlement of this dispute:. BST agrees that effective September 1, , it will implement the following scheduling rules for the technicians identified above:. Employees will not be scheduled to work Sunday and Saturday in the same week. Employees scheduled to work on Sunday will be scheduled off the following Friday.

Employees who have four 4 contractual days off "VP, DP, HO" during a holiday week, will not be scheduled to work the holiday. Employees who have five 5 contractual days off through a combination of "VP, DP, HO, or Company Recognized Holiday", will not be scheduled to work the weekend before or after the five 5 days off. Saturdays schedules are rotated evenly amongst all employees in the work group. Sundays schedules are rotated evenly amongst all employees in the work group. Employees scheduled to work on Sunday are selected from the employees who were scheduled to work the preceding Saturday Sunday picked from Saturday.

Employees are allowed one special request per quarter for a Monday through Saturday, e. The Union is aware that the Company reserves the right to make changes to the officially posted weekly work schedules, in accordance with the limitations set forth in the collective bargaining agreement. Additionally, the Union is aware that in order to meet the needs of the business, the Company reserves the right to schedule in accordance with the limitations contained within the collective bargaining agreement, even if such schedule conflicts with 13 rules listed above.

There may also be similar occasions where it is impossible to comply with every rule. For example, if business needs require more than half of technicians to work Saturdays, it will be impossible to comply with a rule that technicians cannot be scheduled to work back-to-back Saturdays.

Finally, BST will make good faith efforts to comply with these rules, but in the event of an error, the employees must work the posted schedules; employees may not refuse to work posted schedules on the grounds that the Company has allegedly violated this Agreement. CWA does not waive its right to grieve on behalf of someone who is scheduled in violation of this Agreement and seek an appropriate remedy. From that point forward, bargaining unit employees will no longer receive tuition funding through, nor under the terms of, either of those two plans.

The District will be meeting with the company in an attempt to come up with a better solution. Nominations will be taken shortly after the meeting is called to order.

There's a lot of things going on throughout the companies we represent. We've had more security investigations than usual. Please be advised the company has a department that investigates what they believe to be FMLA abuse and we have had a number of members terminated this year alone for FMLA abuse.

We have managers who feel it's ok to do craft work. This needs to be brought to our attention immediately if you know or suspect this to be going on. We can not afford to allow managers to do work that we have bargained for our members to do.

However we ask that you not make suggestions on automating you work, doing away with weekend and holiday schedules. Those type of comments have lead to the Company creating automation programs that have in returned showed the lack of need for employees in certain departments. We must do everything we can to preserve jobs in Atlanta. Attendance and performance continues to top the Companies we represent list of metrics they consider when deciding to add or decrease head count.

We ask that you reframe from using E-Time when it is offered. Allow them to pay you for sitting at you desk or pulling No Jobs Available. E-Time can be used to determine the lack of need for employees within your work group. Wire techs please be advised that managers are coercing tech into resigning left to right. If you are called into a meeting with management where they threaten to terminate your employment unless you resign. If you are having issues getting benefits claims approved, please don't hesitate to call the Local for assistance.

Your newly appointed VP Yolanda Pearson continues to handle all benefits issues and can assist members in getting them approved or assist with the appeal process. There are opportunities for many of you to take classes paid for by the company. I would like to make sure you're taking advantage of those opportunities. We must not leave any free money on the table as the company will try to reduce it during the next round of negotiations. Depending on which contract you're in, classes can be set up at you job sites during the week or weekends to fit the needs of our members.

Call the Local to get more information on setting up classes. I want to also encourage you to make it your business to become more active in your Union this year and going forward. CWA can only be as strong as our members want it to be. Schedules of events can be found on our website and FaceBook Page. If there's anything I can do to further assist you please don't hesitate to call me April 19, Greeting Brothers and Sisters, it has been brought to my attention that in many departments managers are doing craft work and very few are grieving this.

A lot of our work has been moved to other states and in some case automated. Please report this to the Local if it is occurring in you department. We are looking for new stewards so please attend the next meeting for more information. Please join with Local on May 20, 8: Fishing rods, bait, and tackle are provided to kids to fish in a small pond that will be filled with catfish the night before. Assistance with baiting the hook and removing the fish will be provided, just bring your cooler.

The communications industry has grown rapidly over the last decade and continues to grow in many areas. A quality workforce needs quality benefits, pension, wages and employment security.

A critical issue in this coming round of bargaining will be to address issues which include regular full-time employment in the United States, elimination of difficult working conditions including; discriminatory management expectations, unrealistic work rules, ever changing goals and unfair discipline by managers leading to a complete lack of respect for members, their families and customers.

We need to improve our employment security language and continue to focus on adding jobs and Union work as well as eliminating outsourcing.

Member bargaining surveys reflect continued frustration when attempting to utilize the benefits that the union has negotiated in good faith.

This can best be addressed by clear contract language that protects our right to utilize the benefits that we have negotiated. Our intent is that benefits, once bargained, will be available, without question, to our members.

We also need to improve the quality of benefit delivery through additional union oversight and authority over health plans, building on the mechanisms that are already in place, including arbitration. Two way communications is essential in identifying problem areas including vendor benefit interpretation and delivery. To accomplish this, a relationship of mutual trust and respect must be encouraged and strengthened with open, honest dialogue between Union and Company Benefit Representatives.

Pensions are again a critical concern in this round of bargaining for all employees. We need significant pension improvements to insure that all of our members can retire with dignity. The lump sum pension option is selected by the vast majority of our members when they retire, therefore, we must continue to assure that our members can choose this option. We must be sure the savings plans offered to our members incorporate effective options and protections which will ensure that savings are there when members retire.

Retiree healthcare is of great concern to both current and future retirees. The Union will continue to demand the company bargain over retiree healthcare benefits. This is critical to maintain our power to negotiate wages, benefits and pensions in the future.