Simple, Modern Winter Home Decor: DIY Eucalyptus Wreath

In the past we have made a paper eucalyptus garland to style a wedding cake, and now we are showing you how to make a DIY eucalyptus branch that you can use for elegant and lasting home decor. There are many different types of eucalyptus, but we especially love this silver dollar eucalyptus.

I used a simple double knot to secure the branches. And Eucalyptus struck me as a classic, clean, and beautiful decor option while looking for seasonal home decor inspiration. I made two wreaths using two different types of Eucalyptus: They make great wall decor as well as traditional decoration for a door , but wreaths can also be used to add character to a mantel, shelf, or window. The Eucalyptus was a little more dry than when I had purchased it, but was still very flexible which made it easy to tie individual pieces together and bend as I attached it to the wreaths.

Baby Blue Eucalyptus Tutorial

I made two wreaths using two different types of Eucalyptus: Silver Dollar Eucalyptus and Baby Blue. After I purchased my Eucalyptus from a local florist, I separated some pieces from each bunch by cutting them to size and laying them on the table overnight to make sure they were dry.

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