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Gail Boudreaux is currently chief executive officer of the company.

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He is Vegan, and has never smoked anything in his life. On May 13 an MRI found 20 tumors in my husbands brain. On May 15 he could barely breathe and was in a lot of pain. A CT scan that day revealed he had a softball-sized tumor in his lung, tumors in his other lung, his liver and possibly his bones. On our way home from the imaging center our primary care doc called and told us to turn around and get to the hospital right away.

My husband was admitted and they promptly removed more than a pint of fluid from his lungs, which helped him breathe better. We were there for 6 days while they performed a bronchoscopy, did more scans, gave him drugs to stop his brain from swelling and administered emergency chemo. Their claim was reviewed by an OB-GYN instead of an Oncologist for some reason, and that person decided to deny their claim:.

To assist our Medical Director in making this decision, we have put a process in place to send all information about the service to a clinical reviewer with appropriate credentials. Based on their opinion, we have determined that covered for the requested service is denied. We do not have enough facts to show that it was medically necessary. Jeff was admitted to the hospital because he had cancerous tumors all over his fucking body, his lungs were filling with fluid, and if he was not admitted, he.

If putting someone into the hospital to save their life because their lungs are filling with fluid and that person will die if they are not treated immediately is not "medically necessary", what is?!

Now you know how they can afford to pay him. I hope that, by shining some light on this, Anthem Blue Cross will reverse its decision, and honor their claim. They are suffering enough right now, and don't need this crap. My husband was admitted and they promptly removed more than a pint of fluid from his l Their claim was reviewed by an OB-GYN instead of an Oncologist for some reason, and that person decided to deny their claim: With all of the Affordable Care changes, they have outsourced their customer service and unfortunately, these people have scripts and they are limited in what they can do to assist.

One removed my son from my insurance plan and the only solution for their mistake that they can propose is to have him reregister in March. That doesn't make much sense when we've already incurred medical expenses and dropping him off the plan was NOT authorized.. Office allows the more than 37, WellPoint associates to communicate via chat, video and audio. The collaboration with Microsoft is expected to provide the support needed to help give customers the best service in the industry.

When associates can communicate in a collaborative, efficient manner, customers receive prompt, efficient service. WellPoint is working toward more coordinated care management delivery for customers, which includes access to the latest medical evidence and accurate and complete member information contained within a security-enhanced cloud environment.

Lang, senior vice president and chief information officer, WellPoint Inc. Health and Life Sciences, Microsoft. So each day we work to improve the health of our members and their communities. And, we can make a real difference since we have nearly 34 million people in our branded health plans, and more than 62 million people served through our subsidiaries. International Directory of Company Histories. Thomas 21 August Retrieved 24 May Schneider 5 December Retrieved 17 August Retrieved 25 May Who Made the List".

The New York Times. Los Angeles Daily News. The Wall Street Journal. Retrieved 4 December But Will States and Voters Cooperate? Retrieved 24 December Retrieved 20 June Retrieved 24 July Retrieved February 10, Archived from the original PDF on Retrieved 28 March Insurer targeted HIV patients to drop coverage".

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