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In , single family homes made up The rest of the municipality is 0. The local farmers raised crops on the valley floor and pastured cattle in seasonal alpine camps.

Stable connectors

The installation of the low pressure termination fittings from DN to DN is performed mechanically compression style fitting.

The Primus Line double-sided flange piece is installed at a corresponding flange at the host pipe. If there is not a flange available, a mechanical flange coupling adaptor can be used to create a flange on the host pipe. A plastic contoured sleeve is installed onto the liner. The connector core with corresponding contours is inserted. With mechanical force, the connector core is inserted and a durable and pull-proof connection is achieved. Since it is a mechanical installation, a leak test can be performed right after the installation.

The second flange of the double-sided flange piece can be used to integrate a hydrant, service connection or valve. Drum sizes of up to 11 m enable the transport of up to 5, m. High-performance pipes and optimum flow-through characteristics are determining factors for the efficiency of line networks and the rapid as well as reliable transport of different media.

Many rehabilitation procedures reduce the pipe section so much that a serious reduction of the hydraulic capacity results. Due to the small wall-thickness of the composite pipe of 6. Without any large-scale impacts on the environment, pipelines can be renovated simply, rapidly and securely and put into operation again within the shortest time.

As well as economic aspects, considerable advantages therefore arise for persons and nature: The installation is possible in the most confined spaces and with a low level of machine employment. An installation of the Primus Liner can be realised within the shortest time and is simply structured. PrimeGrid started in June [1] under the name Message home and tried to decipher text fragments hashed with MD5. With the chance to succeed too small, it discarded the RSA challenges, was renamed to PrimeGrid, and started generating a list of the first prime numbers.

At ,,, [5] the primegen subproject was stopped. Less than two months later, January , the record twin was found by the original manual project. TPS has since been completed, while the search for Sophie Germain primes continues. In the summer of , the Cullen and Woodall prime searches were launched. Additionally, two sieves were added: Since September , PrimeGrid is also running a Proth prime sieving subproject. In January the subproject Seventeen or Bust for solving the Sierpinski problem was added.

One of PrimeGrid projects was AP26 Search which searched for a record 26 primes in arithmetic progression. The search was successful in April with the finding of the first known AP PrimeGrid is also running a search for Cullen prime numbers, yielding the two largest known Cullen primes. It ranks as the 13th largest known prime overall. Primegrid worked with the Twin Prime Search to search for a record-sized twin prime at approximately 58, digits.

The search continued for another record twin prime at just above , digits. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Retrieved 25 November Archived from the original on Seventeen or Bust and the Sierpinski Problem". Archived from the original PDF on Retrieved 10 March